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Samstag, 18. August 2012

Ger vs. Arg

Germany versus Argentinia

If you follow me on Tumblr and Twitter and here as well, you know how crazy I get when it comes to soccer. As soon as I learned that a friendly between Germany and Argentinia was held in Frankfurt, I wanted to go. I wanted to go so badly! My mom granted my wish and bought me a ticket1.

I was over the moon. My dad was sure Jogi Löw would not let Manuel Neuer play, that he would want to give the younger goalkeepers a chance. Oh dad dad dad...not the right thing to say when said goalkeeper is your daughters favorite soccer player...He was not right of course and I always knew Jogi would nominate him. Did not help me much, in the last game with Bayern, he got hurt. How tragic is that? I mean I already had to cope with the fact that Basti would not be able to play. It just is not fair, really, it is not. But there was not much to do about it so I decided to make the best out of it and enjoy the game anyway.

Worked pretty damn well. A stadion is pure magic! Magic! And besides Manu I am fan of the whole team so seeing them was pretty awesome as well. And the game really was worth its money. 
That referee was insane. And I mean it! I am not one to give all fault to the referee when a game is not going as hoped but that guy? Holy smokes. 
Ron Robert (ever thought about sueing your parents for that name Ron Robert?) got a red card and all I am gonna say is: Would not have happened with Manu...

After that we were one man short. Against Argentinia that is a heavy task. We still had chances, quite a few actually. Our strongest defender was knocked out (poor Mats looked pretty destroyed), we where a man short but we still fought (Funny how I always say „We“ I would not have survived one minute on that field). 
Anyway, Sami made a goal for Argentinia, it was just bad luck but it went downhill after that. A perfectly fine goal was not given to us and Argentinia shot 2 more (again I would like to say: Would not have happened with Manu, I mean Marc André gave his best but he aint no Manuel Neuer...). You could say the evening ended right there but it did not. See, rooting for a team does not end when they are 3 goals behind, actually it does not end at all. Ever. So I kept rooting and crossing my fingers and I especially did so for Benni. My dear Benni, Benedikt Höwedes captain of Schalke and in the National team for about a year. I hoped to see him on the field but was not expecting to. He came in for Mats I believe, pretty early in the game and I could kiss Jogi Löw for that chance. He fought so hard i could see it and finally the ball was in the right net. Benni scored! I screamed like a crazy person! Not only did I see him play & score it was also is first score for the national team <3 That totally made up for a lost game and a crazy referee and it almost made up for not seeing Manu. They announced the wrong name for that goal at first and crazy enough my dad told me that they annouced the wrong name in the radio as well (a diffrent one though.) I was all like: Fuck that shit that was Bennis goal! That poor guy. Of course both, the radio and the stadion corrected their mistakes. 

I already mentioned it, we lost but it did not matter to me. I had the time of my 'summer life' ;) Also my dad said that we lost a friendly against Argentinia before we became World champion in '74 and also before we played the damn fine World cup of 2010. So I am gonna take that as a good omen. In the meantime you can hear me cheering when the qualfikation for the World cup in Brasil starts and I can be found watching soccer, Bundesliga. Stay tuned, I plan to blog about it! 
1You are the best mom!

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