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Samstag, 18. August 2012

Summer tunes of 2012

Summer tunes of 2012 

With the summer on its high, I think it is time to share my personal summer hits with you. This summer was crazy so far. I had so many good moments and some pretty low ones but I always had the music on my side.

Most of my summer is associated with soccer. Gosh, I had the best nights watching soccer with family and friends, cheering for my team. The days where spent in anticipation and watching the press conferences and reading background information. A lot of time was also spent on our giant trampoline. We (my sisters, my friend Sahra and our dogs) would jump on this thing till the sun went down. Rain could not stop us. It was probably the best time of summer.

Once the EURO was over, I went into post soccer depression but I got myslef out of it. I started an internship and while I enjoyed it a lot, the long hours and writing papers for college at the same time really sent me over the edge. During this time music was the only thing to keep me sane.

Now with the summer slowly fading I was luck enough to crown my soccer summer with my first game in a stadion. A post about that special even is already in the making...

Emeli Sandé – Next to me

This song is perfect for jumping on a trampoline. In the early summer month my sisters and I spent most of our evenings in it. We had a blast and part of it was thanks to Miss Sandé.

It is all coming back to me now & Paradise by the Dashboard light – Meat Loaf / Glee Versions

Both versions, the original and the glee one, made my summer days a big singing contest. I just can not help but sing along to this song.

Of monsters and men – little talks

Sigh, what a beautiful song. It was a trampoline song as well and I mostly listened to it on game days. Meaning, whenever germany played I spent most of my days nervously paceing through the house and garden. Almost ever I ended up on the trampoline praying for the best.

Tongue tied & Up up up & Mean – Glee versions

Trampoline as well. The same songs on repeat. These songs will forever mean soccer to me.

Tage wie diese – Die toten Hosen

Here in germany, it was the song of the EM so yes it has to be on the list. It gave me, to speak a little tumblr, feels. So many actually that I could not listen to the song for a long time after we lost the semi finale.

Cough syrup – Young the giant

Yes, a trampoline song. I told you I spent too much time on that thing while the EM was on.

Von allein - Culcha Candela

My personal favorite of the soccer summer 2012. The best song and also the first of the summer. Had me dancing long before it got hot.

Triggerfinger - I follow rivers

It was the song used for the weather spot on our news channel. I listened to it about 5 times a day. In between soccer news.

Linkin park - Burn it down

Just like „Tage wie diese“ it gives me feels. Damn I wanted them to win so freakin bad.

Shake it out – Florence and the machine

The song of the post EURO depression

Wallis bird songs

I can not name a special one. But while driving to work, I would listen to her songs the most. I also played Wallis when I was out with my sisters. Wallis song „To my bones“ on my car radio and I was happy as can be. I mean singin „OH life I love you to me bones!“ while the sun was shining and I had me happy sisters with me? It does not get much better than this.

Nicki Minaj – Starships

Dance, all I am gonna say is dance!

Kyle Andrews – You always make me smile

He did, he still does. Oh if only he knew how much.

Flo Rida – Whistle

Was played at the stadion. Thus it is a summer song, end of the discussion.

Last but not least:

Taio Cruz – World at our hands

The last song of the EURO and the first of Olympia. Damn good song too.

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