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Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

a daddies girl moment

My dad and I do not have an easy relationship. Well, I do not hate my dad, far from it, but I have always been closer to me mom. My dad has some issues that sometimes hinder him to be empathic. I often have the feeling that he does not really care about my life. I know it is not true but he can not show me that most of the time so building a close relationship is kinda hard. 

There is however, one subject that always got us together: sports.
Sports, especialy soccer has always been our thing. We talk about it, we watch it together, he tells me tales from when he was a kid. Thats when I feel really close to him, when I can tell that there is a lot of my dad inside me. 

Today was one of those days were we sat together, half watching a Schalke test game, and he told me stories of how his grandma gave him a penny so he could have a soda and some chips in the local bar and thus be allowed to watch the soccer game on TV (his family did not have one at the time). He got really emotional telling me about the olympic horse Halla, Pasquale Passarelli and Wilfried Dietricht and I cherish those moments. Maybe one day, I can full fill my dream and become a sports journalist, I know it would make him very, very proud.

Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

my weekend July 21/22

my weekend July 21/22
My weekend was actually pretty awesome. I was at an amusement park with my mom, sisters and friends and let's just say : I FREAKIN LOVE ROLLERCOASTERS!
And they had a collection of World Cup balls on display, not to mention hand prints of some german national players...needless to say I was a happy puppy!
Today I watched the german movie "Rubbel die Katz" with my family. Totally adorable. Add it to the list of favorite movies and DVD's I need to buy *sigh*
I also watched some teen wolf, as show I got into a while back and finally had the time to catch up with. I enjoyed some HARIBO strawberries while watching TV and did my nails with my new pink Catrice nailpolish. All in all a pretty damn good weekend if you ask me. 
Mein Wochenende war spitze! Ich war mit meiner Mutter, meinen Schwestern und Freunden im Europark und ich LIEBE ACHTERBAHNEN! Leider war zuviel los um sie mehrmals zu fahren. Im Europapark gab es außerdem eine Ausstellung von WM Bällen und Schuhen und Handabdrücke von Schweini und Co. Mein Fußballfanherz, war sehr glücklich!
Heute habe ich Rubbel die Katz geschaut. Ein sehr guter Film, alles was man so brauch und für Frau, den Herrn Schweighöfer *seufz*. Außerdem hab ich Teen Wolf geschaut. Ansonsten bestand mein Wochenende noch aus Haribo Erdbeeren und pinkem Nagellack. Also alles in allem ein verdammt gutes Wochenende.

Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Holy snap! or Catching up

Do you guys miss my guilty-pleasure-the-glee-project-posts? I am sorry I did not post them for the last 2 weeks. No, I did not fall into a coma because Mario had to go home (insert: ugly sobbing). I was busy working and haven't even watched the Episodes yet. As soon as I have watched them I am gonna make my usual post.

What else is new?

I am still way to obsessed with anything soccer related and doing a happy dance,no scratch that I am doing THE HAPPY DANCE OF A DECADE!!! because my lovely mother got me a ticket to the Germany vs Argentinia game in Frankfurt in August!!!! Holy snap right? My dream is coming true! 

The puppy is wet because it is raining like crazy outside, so my whole room smells of wet dog. *lol* But I just can not resist his cutie pie face. 

Today is friday, I do not have to leave for work for another 2,5 hours.

I went shopping in Frankfurt last saturday and I plan to make a post about the goodies I bought plus another post about my favorite summer outfits.

Allthough I currently feels more like autumn than summer...