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Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

EURO 2012 - Game over and hungover

I wish the titel to this post could have been different. Yesterday my team lost against italy in a fight in which italy may have won but my boys never gave up.

Can I get an "awww" My fav.thing about the EURO for sure!
It is no secret to my friends, tumblr and twitter followers that I am a die hard soccer fan. And 'Die Mannschaft', the german national team, is my favorite team ever. 

Other than them I do not have a favorite team and the reason is pretty simply, I love the boys of the national team too much. When they play Bundesliga (germanys highest soccer league) they all play in different teams, some of them even play in other countries like spain. And it makes it hard for me to pick a team when some of my favorite people have to play against one another. I usually root for the team with my over all favorite player, which is our goal keeper Manuel Neuer. So that makes Bayern my Bundesliga team but rooting for them is not the same as rooting for Die Mannschaft, it just hasn't the same spirit behind it.

Anyway the Euro 2012 is coming to end on sunday and sadly for us, it already ended last night. Once again my boys gave their all but in the end it wasn't enough. 

Jogi Löw made one change too much and the team was confused. Not bringing Miro Klose from the beginning was a big mistake in the worst moment possible but after all the good he as done who am I to blame him too much. After all soccer is a game and the luck just wasn't on our side. Otherwise we would have scored one of those many times we shot the ball in the direction of the goal. Let's be honest our team wasn't at their best last night but they were still better than so many others. And while italy was strong, the boys never gave up and fought until the end, that takes a lot of strength and tells me that they have an amazing team spirit. 

In the end it wasn't enough and it is a shame because they would have deserved it so much (and hate me for it, more than italy or spain). It just wasn't our time yet, however I firmly believe that our time will come soon. This team (and I don't mean germany in general but this team in particular) will do amazing things in the near future. They are still so young, have so much to learn but are already so good. 

Cheer on - Sharing the glory but also the pain
Today of course I am bummed, sad, close to tears, in need for a hug and ready to give one to my boys. But I had an amazing soccer summer so far, I had so many reasons to cheer and despite being out of the EURO 2012 my soccer summer is not over just yet...August 15th, is the next game of my team. No titel to win but a chance to show that the soccer-world has to beware because, germany is only just begining!

Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

It is time for: The Glee project

My weekly thoughts yet again ;)

Abraham - I totally love that he took the red out of his hair. He looks really hot when it is just black. I agree with what the judges said about him but there was not enough of him in the Episode. When he cried over Tylers elimination it broke my heart.

Ali - I can not say much about her this week. She did not have much screentime and when she was on screen she did not stand out to me.

Aylin - Sad but true, I have to agree with Lily on something, I do not like it when she is too flirty. But it was okay this week. Her flirt with Charlie is the cutest though.

Blake - Still one of the best actors in the cast. Can't wait to see more of him.

Charlie - Sigh, he still has the same old problem. I am happy they did not used it against him (or not as much as they could have) because they know of his problem and it is what makes him unique. His crush on Aylin is, as I said, super cute. His last chance performance was not for my taste this week.

Lily - I am okay with her this week but I would not mind her to get eliminated next week.

Mario - My bb is back! I love his super duper smile :D and what he did in the HWA *rawwr* I am super glad he was safe this week.

Michael - To bad he forgot his text in the booth because his acting in the video was even better than Blakes. I am glad he was not kicked out.

Nellie - I am so proud of her! Well done Nellie girl! She overcame her fears and did her job. She understood that it was not Nellie in the video but a character and that character was sexy as fuck even when Nellie is not (or so she says but to me sexy is more than just short cloth and her classic understatement is sexy in my eyes.) Her interpretation of "Milkshake" ;) - cute. 

Shanna -  I like her more and more each week but she needs to learn the lesson Nellie got down this week. No need to stay "true to yourself" when you play a role. That is what acting is about. 

Tyler - Sad puppy face. I am sad he had to leave but I always knew he could not win. I have to agree with the mentors, he just was not ready.


Montag, 25. Juni 2012

my favorite summer outfits part 1

Taadaa! This is one of my favorite summer outfits. Over the next few weeks I want to share some more and maybe I can find someone who wants to share their outfit 2? If so, don't be shy just ask, guest bloggers are more than welcome even if my blog is not well known or read at all (I am kidding, I see that you guys read what I post).

In the picture are: My Primark flats in light brown (love love love)
                             me favorite jeans shorts 
                             a flowery skirt which I use in various way                                                             mostly as a skirt but in this outfit I use it under the white top so it can shine through and sometimes when it is not as hot, as a scarf
                                &a white flouncy top which I found in a small boutique in the Netherlands.

Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

only 12 left...wait...what?!?

only 12 left...wait...what?!? 
Time for my weekly thoughts and opinions for the one subject I am sure you all care about *cough cough*: The Glee Project
So this week no one had to leave…well I really wanted Lily Mea to leave so I was a bit bummed about that but of course more than happy for Charlie and esp. Mario who really really deserved to make it to the next round.
So here come my thoughts on the contenders. In italic I added if I want them to see on Glee and in which role. 

Abraham - well, he did not have much screentime this week but to see his softer and calmer side over his energetic was a nice change. I actually like it more, it seems more honest. I can see him on Glee but I would be more thrilled for others. If he makes it, he could play Tinas younger or older brother. I once read Tina is adopted (not sure if it was true of if RIB still remember) but if so he could be the son of her biological mother…would make for good drama and Tina deserves a great storyline. 

Ali - I agree with what the mentors said about her voice. She tends to over- do thing, her performance in the music video was much better. And did I get goosebumps when I saw Aylin holding her during the HWA? You bet I did! Yes I see her on Glee, no not as Arties girlfriend. Her role would probably be a girl with an attitude over playing her fears with being cocky (much like Quinn in season 1) and not interested at all in joining Glee (at first).

Aylin - hm…I like her a bit better this Episode than in the others. I think she is on the way to fining herself and her acting was actually good during the video shoort. I am not sure I could have acted that well with Lily sitting on me, and I am not talking about her wheight, I think she looked so scary and fierce I would have run away…Am yes she could be on Glee but I can not think of any role I would like her to play. 

Blake - Aw Balke, sweet sweet Blake. When he cried during the talk with Erik, it felt so true and relateable. I still think (and hellloooooo Robert agreed with me) that he is the best actor in the bunch. Totally! He is what Glee needs. Kinda the new Finn Hudson but hopefully with more wit and less attitude. 

Charlie - Of course he would overshoot…Charlie bb slow down a bit would you. He is really growing on me and still in a sisterly way. He is waaaaay too cute with Aylin and “Fix You” was the bomb. I am not surprised Ryan liked him eventhough that is nothing you can rely on…we are still taking the Murph here.Undecided. In a way I would wanna see him on Glee but I am not sure if he would not drive me insane after a few Episodes…if you know what I mean. 

Lily Mea - Can she just leave. I do not like her, she is not likable to me, no rolemodel. The way she went on Mario ehm excuse me BITCH who died and made you queen of everything. Ugh. I would have been so very happy to see her go. But I she gets a few points for saying sorry to the girl she once bullied. No.Just no.

Mario - I think he still has the problem that he wants to stand up for himself, explaine himself too much. The way he says things and the fact that he can not see the others faces, leads to misunderstandings that make me really sad and the clips shown on the show,  do not show him in the right way(oi what sentence). Yes he is my favorite and it is possible that I am not 100% objective but a person with a smile like his, a spirit like his can not be like they make him look. I stand by Mario and people should stop calling him a jerk or whatever. His voice is golden and the way he called Ryan sir was priceless, I just wanna hug him. Plus I think Zach likes him too he gets the Damian-face when Mario is on stage. I can see him on Glee I mean he is my favorite after all but I am afraid to say that I think is acting might not be strong enough at least from what we got to see so far, it is not :( and I can not really think of a role with a good storyline for him right now. 

Michael - I like him more and more every Episode. Is not he just cute. And he is an actor not just a singer. And his part in the video gave me goosebumps in both ways, acting and singing wise. I can already see him on Glee. He can totally play Pucks half brother…Pleaeeaase!!

Nellie - I am so glad she won the HWA and I think she was the right choice. Nellie has a natural vulnerability which showed all Episode and gave her a strong perfromance. I also really love her voice and think she look so good on camera. I did not understand why she was almost in the bottom 3. I mean the critique was right she really has that problem but it did not really hinder her this week, I think it added to her performance. I think she is the most empathic person in the groupe and the way she looked at Lily Mea when said went bitch on Mario was exactly how I felt about it. Yes I see her on Glee. He acting needs to get stronger but she can do it. I also see her as a sibling of Pucks. Maybe Michaels twin…but since I ship them that wouldn’t be a good idea *lol*. So maybe she is Pucks guitar student because he has not made it out of Lima yet and helps him get to New York and to get Rachel while he helps her overcome her stagefear and or other issues…that would be so cool. ;) 

Shanna - She is growing on me much to my own surpirse. Aside from Nellie, I do thing she has the strongest voice of the girls.Her acting and voice are strong enough to pull it off but I can nit think of a storyline right now. 

Tyler - Not much to say about him this week. I am glad he was not in the bottom three for once but I am still not sure he is ready for Glee. Yes and no, hard to explain. I would work but I am not sure I would wanna see it.

Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

The Glee project aka guilty pleasure

"Hi I am Anna and I am watching 'The Glee project' " phew I am glad it is out now. Frankly I rather admit that I am watching 'The Glee project' than admiting that I still watch 'Glee' (do not get me started...). I think 'The Glee project' is a great casting show, mostly fair, great concept, great mentors and the cast blows you away. Every single one of them is so talented and special. 

I already have my favorites of course. This year it's Mario and Nellie, hands down. The cast this year is strong and in many ways more likeable than last years cast but picking my favorite was suprisingly easy. Marios laugh and smile and spirit amazed me from the "Road to the top 14" Episode and I wish him nothing but the best. 
Nellie caught my eye from the start as well but I needed the first Episode to fall for her compeletly. She is quite different from me and yet I can relate to her in many ways. And I adore her voice, I think it is one of the strongest voices in the competition. 

For the past 2 weeks I have been writing what I think about the contestans on my Tumblr page and plan to continue this every week. From now on I am going to post my thoughts here as well. This weeks post has to wait until I can watch the Episode with my younger sister later today so stay tuned...

and that's what you missed about me....

 So what has been going on in my life lately:

- I wrote an exam and passed with a good result
- The puppy made a friend. 
- I am totally in EURO 2012 totally 
- I have been busy plotting what to post about 

posts about those subjects to come...soon :)