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Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

EURO 2012 - Game over and hungover

I wish the titel to this post could have been different. Yesterday my team lost against italy in a fight in which italy may have won but my boys never gave up.

Can I get an "awww" My fav.thing about the EURO for sure!
It is no secret to my friends, tumblr and twitter followers that I am a die hard soccer fan. And 'Die Mannschaft', the german national team, is my favorite team ever. 

Other than them I do not have a favorite team and the reason is pretty simply, I love the boys of the national team too much. When they play Bundesliga (germanys highest soccer league) they all play in different teams, some of them even play in other countries like spain. And it makes it hard for me to pick a team when some of my favorite people have to play against one another. I usually root for the team with my over all favorite player, which is our goal keeper Manuel Neuer. So that makes Bayern my Bundesliga team but rooting for them is not the same as rooting for Die Mannschaft, it just hasn't the same spirit behind it.

Anyway the Euro 2012 is coming to end on sunday and sadly for us, it already ended last night. Once again my boys gave their all but in the end it wasn't enough. 

Jogi Löw made one change too much and the team was confused. Not bringing Miro Klose from the beginning was a big mistake in the worst moment possible but after all the good he as done who am I to blame him too much. After all soccer is a game and the luck just wasn't on our side. Otherwise we would have scored one of those many times we shot the ball in the direction of the goal. Let's be honest our team wasn't at their best last night but they were still better than so many others. And while italy was strong, the boys never gave up and fought until the end, that takes a lot of strength and tells me that they have an amazing team spirit. 

In the end it wasn't enough and it is a shame because they would have deserved it so much (and hate me for it, more than italy or spain). It just wasn't our time yet, however I firmly believe that our time will come soon. This team (and I don't mean germany in general but this team in particular) will do amazing things in the near future. They are still so young, have so much to learn but are already so good. 

Cheer on - Sharing the glory but also the pain
Today of course I am bummed, sad, close to tears, in need for a hug and ready to give one to my boys. But I had an amazing soccer summer so far, I had so many reasons to cheer and despite being out of the EURO 2012 my soccer summer is not over just yet...August 15th, is the next game of my team. No titel to win but a chance to show that the soccer-world has to beware because, germany is only just begining!

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  1. Hi Anna!
    I wrote about our lovely and brave team too, after the sadly match. Maybe it with Indonesian, coz my english not really good. but i did as i can. like the boys did. i'm agree with your statement, that the boys never gave up. that we love the boys of the national team too much.
    my tears drop so hard when i saw manuel run to gigi buffon side. to help the boys made a bigger chance. it was really hurts.
    I believe that manu will become the best towart in the world, because it still a lot of time for him. he is very young, compared to the two gaolkeeper in the final. I just can pray for him, thats my way to hug him, from across the continent...
    Ok, greetings from Indonesien. Danke Schoen..


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