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Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Holy snap! or Catching up

Do you guys miss my guilty-pleasure-the-glee-project-posts? I am sorry I did not post them for the last 2 weeks. No, I did not fall into a coma because Mario had to go home (insert: ugly sobbing). I was busy working and haven't even watched the Episodes yet. As soon as I have watched them I am gonna make my usual post.

What else is new?

I am still way to obsessed with anything soccer related and doing a happy dance,no scratch that I am doing THE HAPPY DANCE OF A DECADE!!! because my lovely mother got me a ticket to the Germany vs Argentinia game in Frankfurt in August!!!! Holy snap right? My dream is coming true! 

The puppy is wet because it is raining like crazy outside, so my whole room smells of wet dog. *lol* But I just can not resist his cutie pie face. 

Today is friday, I do not have to leave for work for another 2,5 hours.

I went shopping in Frankfurt last saturday and I plan to make a post about the goodies I bought plus another post about my favorite summer outfits.

Allthough I currently feels more like autumn than summer...

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