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Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

It is time for: The Glee project

My weekly thoughts yet again ;)

Abraham - I totally love that he took the red out of his hair. He looks really hot when it is just black. I agree with what the judges said about him but there was not enough of him in the Episode. When he cried over Tylers elimination it broke my heart.

Ali - I can not say much about her this week. She did not have much screentime and when she was on screen she did not stand out to me.

Aylin - Sad but true, I have to agree with Lily on something, I do not like it when she is too flirty. But it was okay this week. Her flirt with Charlie is the cutest though.

Blake - Still one of the best actors in the cast. Can't wait to see more of him.

Charlie - Sigh, he still has the same old problem. I am happy they did not used it against him (or not as much as they could have) because they know of his problem and it is what makes him unique. His crush on Aylin is, as I said, super cute. His last chance performance was not for my taste this week.

Lily - I am okay with her this week but I would not mind her to get eliminated next week.

Mario - My bb is back! I love his super duper smile :D and what he did in the HWA *rawwr* I am super glad he was safe this week.

Michael - To bad he forgot his text in the booth because his acting in the video was even better than Blakes. I am glad he was not kicked out.

Nellie - I am so proud of her! Well done Nellie girl! She overcame her fears and did her job. She understood that it was not Nellie in the video but a character and that character was sexy as fuck even when Nellie is not (or so she says but to me sexy is more than just short cloth and her classic understatement is sexy in my eyes.) Her interpretation of "Milkshake" ;) - cute. 

Shanna -  I like her more and more each week but she needs to learn the lesson Nellie got down this week. No need to stay "true to yourself" when you play a role. That is what acting is about. 

Tyler - Sad puppy face. I am sad he had to leave but I always knew he could not win. I have to agree with the mentors, he just was not ready.


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