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Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

a daddies girl moment

My dad and I do not have an easy relationship. Well, I do not hate my dad, far from it, but I have always been closer to me mom. My dad has some issues that sometimes hinder him to be empathic. I often have the feeling that he does not really care about my life. I know it is not true but he can not show me that most of the time so building a close relationship is kinda hard. 

There is however, one subject that always got us together: sports.
Sports, especialy soccer has always been our thing. We talk about it, we watch it together, he tells me tales from when he was a kid. Thats when I feel really close to him, when I can tell that there is a lot of my dad inside me. 

Today was one of those days were we sat together, half watching a Schalke test game, and he told me stories of how his grandma gave him a penny so he could have a soda and some chips in the local bar and thus be allowed to watch the soccer game on TV (his family did not have one at the time). He got really emotional telling me about the olympic horse Halla, Pasquale Passarelli and Wilfried Dietricht and I cherish those moments. Maybe one day, I can full fill my dream and become a sports journalist, I know it would make him very, very proud.

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