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Dienstag, 24. April 2012

Music Monday running late

Hello everybody, 

in case you have been wondering why I did not Blog much last was to give me time to figure things out around here. Originally I wanted to start with my routine on monday but instead I chose to go to the gym (a whole different routine) and watch Once upon a Time as I came home. I know, I know....shocking! And not a good start into blogging, I know, but at least I am honest ;) 

So are you ready for some music?  

Today I am gonna share the songs from my Itunes list that had the most plays last week

1 Gavin DeGraw - Soldier 
Totally in love with the song.

2 Colbie Caillat - Brighter than the sun
Perfect start into a day

3 Eliza Doolittle - Pack up
Can not help but sing along everytime

4 Lenny Kravitz - Rockstar city life
Lenny Kravitz man...Lenny Kravitz....and if that was not enough, he is Cinna!!! 

5 Maroon 5 - Just a feeling
not their best song but kinda stuck in my head

6 Train - Drops of Jupiter
kinda makes it in my playlists all the time

7 Glee Cast / Lea Michele - Go your own way
 always loved the song and Leas version is so full of energy, amazing!



Thanks - Danke - Merci