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Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

Anna and her puppy? Where is the puppy?

I guess it is time to introduce my puppy...

Paulo at almost 4 month old on december 6th 2012

His name is Paulo and he is now 8 month old. The picture above was taken when we got him in december ( december 6th to be exact) he was an early christmas gift to my sisters and me because he need a new home quickly since his mom was killed in a car accident and he was left all alone. 
Paulo on Xmas, having fun with the wrapping paper. We also have a video of that moment.

I was already on my Xmas holiday from college when we got him so I mostly took care of him. We bonded quickly and I never thought how much I could love a dog. Actually I sometimes annoy my mom because I read so many books about dogs since we got him that I am a "Little Miss know it all" when it comes to him. 
This is Paulo on his first day home. He is playing with his first toy, a bee who since is shredded.

Paulo is the best. He makes my day everday when he wakes me at 6 a.m by licking my hand telling me it is time for his pee. Afterwards he will run straight to the kitchen, knowing it is time for breakfast. He follows me whereever I go. When I am in the basement doing laundry, in the kitchen cooking or in the bathroom getting ready for school. He is my little baby <3 and thats why this blog is called Anna and her puppy cause when ever I am blogging he sleeps on his doggie blanket next to me.
And this is Paulo now. He is 8 month old and so handsome ;)

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