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Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

Crafty Tuesday

So is is Tuesday, that means I am gonna share a DIY project with you. is......

a chalk plastic sheet /foil / film /screen whatever. Actually I have no idea what the correct english word is, so feel free to leave a comment and tell me.
But whatever it is called the stuff is actually pretty cool. 

I have it on my closet as well as on my wall. You can simply stick it on the surface and easily remove it, depending on your wall or the surface you put it on it wont leave any marks. 

I think it is much easier than chalk paint (which I love as well) because you can get it rid of it within a blink, while with chalk paint you need an awfull lot of paint and time to get it on your wall and ,even worse, off your wall when you are tired of it.  
What is looks like on my wall

A close up of my drawing (I know, I am so talented...)
aaand my closet.

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