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Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

I miss you One Tree Hill

Today I chose to write about one thing, One Tree Hill (see what I did there).

I can not believe that already more than 20 days have passed, since I saw the last Episode. One Tree Hill...that freakin show, it means so much to me. 

Here is my journey with One Tree Hill

I am german but I never watched the show in my own language because in german televison the show was cancelled after the first season in 2007. Up to this day, german television has yet to air all Episodes of the show, we are currently in season five (after many network changes and ridiculous air dates....not that I would watch it in german....I googled it). 

Thankfully there is France (<3). My family and I live quite close to france and are there at least 3 times a year. One Tree Hill premiered on september 8th 2004 in france, they call it "Les frères Scott". That is how I discovered the show, because I always read french magazines (to be honest, it is less reading and more looking at the pictures, because my french sucks). Of course I could not watch it but I googled it, read about it, watched a few videos on You Tube but I was not hoocked. Not so suprising since I still had not seen a whole Episode. 

But I continued reading about the show and the main reason was the one and only Bethany Joy Lenz. I adored that woman from the first moment. I saw fanvideos of her character Haley and my favorite TV character of all time, Dean Winchester. Thats when it all truely began. The crossover pairing, Daley, had  me from the start. Love at the first sight. I found the DHB ( and there I found amazing people who today, I cosinder my friends. Finally, I bought my first One Tree Hill DVD and watched all the Episodes. Ever since then I was a fan, there was no turning back and I did not want to.

I think the best part for me was always the music. I am a music junkie and I mean junkie, junkie. How many great musicians would be unknown to me if it was not for One Tree Hill...

The next most important part was, as I mentioned Joy and her character Haley. The two of them became an inspiration and I know that sounds sappy but they are a few steps on the way to the person I am today. When I had rough times, and god knows I had them, I thought of Haley and how she handled her life, no matter how hard. The moment in the long history of One Tree Hill that gets me the most is when Haley talks to her mom after Lydia just told her daughters that she has cancer. She tells Haley to be strong for those who can not was as if she was talking to me. 

It is moments like that who gave One Tree Hill its magic, cause no one said the show was realistic or even logic at times, but despite that you could find yourself in One Tree Hill. Plus no show has so many powerfull voiceovers like One Tree Hill does.

  I will never forget One Tree Hill

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