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Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Instadiary January 2013

 With my new phone I was finally able to install instagram. I have seen Instadiaries before and always wanted to do one of my own. Now I finally can. Enjoy:

I went to the coast for new years.
On our way home we visited Groningen in the Netherlands.

The puppy was quite excited to be at the sea. Back home it was time to pack up. The puppy instantly felt at home. I went for a coffee with my girls, got excited about a Bastian Schweinsteiger Interview in Neon and started reading 'Looking for Alaska'. Milka has a new snack, crazy good! I finally unpacked all my books and found the best picture ever of Manu, Basti and Arjen in the newspaper.

I said my goodbye to our old house and on a rough day my mom cheered me up with some cake. Snow fell and the puppy and I had some fun in the snow. We also found a snow pig. I made cupcakes for my moms kids in school and tooks some artsy pics of the snowy forest and some cute ones of the puppy in a his chewing bone. We had brownies and icecream for dessert last weekend and on wednesday I made my new favorite dish: Salmon, hashbrowns and salad.

After watching the Pilote Episode of the Carrie diaries, I decided to pimp an old purse of my aunt. The last day of January was book hunting day in the public libary. A success!

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