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Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

Getting ready for the Oscars

Oscar night!!! Is everyone as excited as I am? I saw some really great films this and last year and most of them got an Oscar nomination so I am rooting for quite a few films this year. My favorites where: Silver Linings Playbook, Argo and Lincoln. I have yet to watch Life of Pi but from all I know it would def. be on the list. 

So here are my predictions for the Oscars 2013. I will be back tomorrow to check on them. 

Out of the movies nominated for costume design I saw Lincoln and Snow White and the Huntsman and out of those I am picking Snow White and The Huntsman because those impressed me. Especially the Evil Queen wore some grand pieces. Directing was a though choice cause I did not see Life of Pi but I think it would have been my favorite for directing (based on the trailer, making off and such) but again I picked from the ones I saw and it was a head to head between Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook. Documentary feature I chose based on the descriptions cause frankly, I saw non of them.

The Production Design for Lincoln was great in my opinion so that was an easy choice. Shortfilm, both animated and Live Action, were chosen on the same matter as documentary.

Sound editing and sound mixing should both go to Argo if it where to me. I know the pictures says Django Unchained but I changed my mind while I wrote this ;) The Visual Effects Oscar is a tie between The Avengers and Snow White and the Huntsman and while I prefere the Avengers as a movie over Snow White and the Huntsman, the visual effects in the later impressed me a tat bit more.

 Les Mis get my MakeUp and Hair Oscar but I wanna admit that I have yet to watch the movie. But I think Tumblr provided me with enough pictures of the movie to make that pick. For music I chose Lincoln for Original score but It would have been Silver Linings Playbook if nominated. Original Song has to go to Adel I wont accept no less.

Adapted Screenplay is a tie between Silver Linings Playbool and Argo. I chose Silver Linings Playbook because I liked the movie better. Original Screenplay was chosen with my eyes closed cause I did not have a favorite here.

Sorry but Anne Hathaway kind annoys me lately and her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes made me uneasy. I loved Sally Fields perfromance in Lincoln, like when Mary had her break downs but Jacki Weaver was her very own ray of light in a movie that was full of amazing acting, so it has to be her. Wreck-It-Ralph is my Animated Feature film pick but all films nominated were good, except for The Pirates, which I did not watch. And finally I picked Life of Pi despite not having watched it yet.

Not gonna lie the picks in those categories where the hardest, exceped for one. I loved Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook, a love that has now bounds! But I think Daniel Day-Lewis was terrific in Lincoln so I put my love aside and picked him, but I am troubled about that choice and I might change it back *lol*. Actress in a Leading role was easy, Jennifer Lawerence all the way! The supporting Actor was a lot hard to choose. Just give an Oscar to all of them why don't cha? Since I had to choose I eventually settled on Tommy Lee Jones.

Les Mis will win I guess but the best movie for me was Silver Linings Playbook with Argo and Lincoln as runner ups.

 Now I have to wait and see but as long as each, Argo, Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook (Hello Jennifer Lawrence!) win at least one Oscar each, I am fine. 

The pictures where taken from my official Oscars ballot provided by
You can find my ballot here, if you wanna check if I changed my mind.

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